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Special Education

Special Education Programming

Children suspected of exhibiting significant delays in any area(s) of development (vision, hearing, speech/language, cognition, pre-academic skills, adaptive skills, motor skills, social-emotional/behavioral functioning) may be referred to the school district by a parent/guardian or a preschool program with parent permission and involvement. Children involved in Help Me Grow early intervention services will take part in a transition process involving the school district of residence.

Screenings are held by members of the Preschool Team to determine if the child is demonstrating significant delays in order to suspect a disability under educational standards and proceed with the evaluation process for determining eligibility for special education services. For more information about the screening process for children suspected of having delays, visit the Screening  section.

If the district suspects a disability, the evaluation process will be discussed with the parent, the team will create an evaluation plan, and parent consent to complete the evaluation will be obtained. Upon receiving written parental consent, the initial evaluation will be completed within 60 calendar days. Eligibility will then be discussed and a program will be presented for those children that qualify, based on their individual needs.

Special education services are provided, free of charge, to children who have been evaluated by members of the Preschool Team and who qualify as a child with a disability under the Operating Standards for Educational Agencies Serving Children with Disabilities. Services are provided based on each child’s individual needs but may include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, itinerant services, placement within the Perry Preschool Program, and/or programming from other agencies/schools. If attending the Perry Preschool Program or another agreed-upon school/agency, transportation is provided. Individual accommodations/modifications are made for students that require them. Parents may choose to transport their child as well.

If you suspect that your child is demonstrating significant delays in one or more areas of development, please contact Ashley Reinhart, School Psychologist, at 330-915-5307 or