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Our Program

Perry Local Preschool is open to children of Perry residents, ages 3 through 5.

The philosophy of the Perry Local Preschool Program is to provide an opportunity for children, through active and quiet play, to grow through a variety of experiences that are positive, enjoyable, and rewarding for the children and their families.  Activities provided in our preschool are multi-cultural, play-based, and child-initiated.  Through nurturing in the preschool environment, the child develops positive self-esteem which contributes to communication skills and interaction with others in his or her world.  The program prides itself on preparing each child for the next developmental stage in their life, ultimately leading to preparation for Kindergarten by utilizing a standards-based curriculum that aligns with Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards. The Perry Local Preschool Program provides learning opportunities for both typically developing children and children identified with special needs. Each child’s needs are met using differentiated instruction and individualized learning opportunities.


The Perry Local Preschool Program is designed with the following goals for children:

  • To recognize the uniqueness of each child by working creatively to develop a plan to guide each child’s progress.
  • To encourage development of a positive self-image.
  • To help children develop aesthetic, cognitive, creative, emotional, linguistic, physical, and social potentials.
  • To address all areas of a child’s development when engaging in activities with a child.
  • To encourage every child to learn through instructional methods that include a variety of approaches.


We welcome parents to join us in our efforts to teach preschool children key foundational skills in all areas of development. Living, Learning and Playing Together: A Guide for Parents of Preschool Children is a resource that may help parents learn about child development and milestones that are achieved during the preschool years as well as provide activities and ideas to help promote their child’s development.

All preschool students must be screened before entering the preschool program.  Please see the Screening section for more information about this screening.

“We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit.” ~Robert H. Shaffer

Click here for more information about the Preschool Program