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Preschool screening is required for all children being considered for placement as a typical peer.  A screening is held in the Spring, for enrollment beginning the following school year.  Sometimes an additional screening will be held in August if additional spots become available.  Screening appointments for the spring screening can be made starting in January of the intended year.  Please contact Ashley Reinhart at 330-915-5307 or to schedule your screening appointment.

Children must turn 3 years old before August 1st* of the upcoming school year and be reliably toilet trained in order to attend. A child may not be reliably toilet-trained by the screening date, but the Preschool Team reserves the right to delay or revoke enrollment if the child is not reliably toilet-trained by the first day of classes in August. Also, children must live in the Perry Local School District and be accompanied to the screening by a parent or guardian.

Limited spaces are available for typically developing children. Children being considered for enrollment as a typical peer must display age-appropriate speech and language skills, good behavior and social skills, and must be reliably toilet-trained.

Children are screened in the areas of speech/language, motor skills, social skills/behavior, cognitive/pre-academic skills, and adaptive behavior.  A parent questionnaire also lends itself to the screening process. At the screening, parents will receive detailed information about the program, transportation, tuition, etc. Parents receive the screening results within two weeks following the screening.

Despite the screening results, the Preschool Team reserves the right to decide if a child is appropriate as a typical peer. If the Team feels that a child would not be an appropriate model for other students at that time, the parent(s) will be notified of such. All children who will be considered for typical peer placement will be chosen by lottery (random drawing).  Lottery forms are available to complete at the screening. Parents will be notified if their lottery form is drawn and enrollment paperwork will be sent to complete and return. We attempt to place children based on age as well as parent preference for type of class indicated on the lottery form. If your child’s lottery form is not drawn, you will also be notified and it will be kept and entered into the next lottery if spaces become available. If parents fail to complete and return enrollment paperwork by the assigned deadline, their spot will be given to another child.

*Entrance eligibility date was changed in February 2012 through a newly adopted district policy. Children must be 3 before August 1st to be considered for enrollment as a typical peer in the preschool program.


The school district is obligated to find children within the community that demonstrate deficits in areas of development and to identify and service those children that display delays significant enough to qualify them for special education services. These services are free of charge for those children that qualify under the Ohio Operating Standards for Serving Children with Disabilities. Services are provided based on each child’s individual needs, but may include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or placement within the preschool program.

Screenings for children with suspected delays are scheduled throughout the course of the school year depending on need.

If you suspect that your child is demonstrating significant delays in one or more area of development, please contact Ashley Reinhart, School Psychologist, at 330-915-5307 or to schedule a screening appointment. 

 All screenings are held at T.C. Knapp Elementary and conducted by members of the preschool staff. Children are screened in the areas of speech/language, motor skills, social skills/behavior, cognitive/pre-academic skills, and adaptive behavior, with specific emphasis on the area(s) of suspected delay.

If delays are suspected through the screening process, parents will be notified and further evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services will be discussed.