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School Closing/Delay

Two-Hour Delay: The district has began to implement a two-hour delay to be used on days in which we get hit with bad weather, but the weather is moving through relatively quickly. It will be a straight two-hour delay for all students across the district. Busses will arrive two hours later than normal, and school will begin exactly two hours later than normal. This is also effective for our morning preschool classes, in which preschool students will come to school for approximately one hour. Afternoon preschool classes will resume as usual.

School Closing: When school is canceled for the day, all practices and events at the elementary buildings, Pfeiffer, and Edison are canceled. Perry High School events and practices may or may not be canceled, depending on the weather and road conditions throughout the day. There will be no events or practices earlier than noon. District and high school administration will determine if practices and events may occur during the afternoon and/or evening. The district website will be updated throughout the day.

Whenever school is delayed or closed, our district website will have this notification on the homepage. Additionally, we notify WHBC and Mix 94.1 radio stations, as well as TV channels 3, 5, 8, and 19, and the Canton Repository website. Please refer to any of these sources, and refrain from calling the school phone numbers.

Should you have any further questions, please direct them to Tricia Self, T. C. Knapp Elementary Principal.